Thursday, December 5, 2013

Snow on the Sandias

Contrary to beliefs held by some non-residents of New Mexico, it actually DOES snow in Albuquerque occasionally.  Today was one of those occasions.

When we look out our back window, usually what we see is something like this:  the Sandia Mountains, ten miles to the east across the Rio Grande valley . . .

But this morning, what we saw was this:

It snowed lightly all morning, and didn't amount to much in our neighborhood -- maybe an inch in places, mostly melting as it hit the ground.  (We like it when we can see it but don't have to shovel it!)  The ABQ airport, however, recorded 3.7 inches, an amount that had not been seen since 2007, and other parts of the city in the foothills of the Sandias got more.

Beneath its cloudy cloak, the mountain, too, was accumulating snow.  Eventually, in early afternoon, the weather system began to move out and the mountain began to emerge:

Then, as the clouds moved in again, the last light of the setting sun illuminated the top of the mountain.

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