Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Cemetery in Snow


                             The way a crow
                             Shook down on me
                             The dust of snow
                             From a hemlock tree

                             Has given my heart
                             A change of mood
                             And saved some part
                             Of a day I had rued.

                                            -- Robert Frost, Dust of Snow

Snow is rare in our part of New Mexico, and when it comes, it creates an entirely new landscape.  The bare brown dirt and rocks are covered with a blanket of pure white, and the harshness of the land is softened with smooth silence.

Few places are better for snow photography than a cemetery, so last Friday morning, with a couple of inches of snow having fallen, I went to our local cemetery across the road from the historic (and now decommissioned) San Ysidro Church in Corrales.


The large scale scenes were interesting and image-worthy . . . 


     But the details were more touching . . .

. . . along with the unexpected flashes of color beneath the snow:


And in a few cases I happened to photograph a few of the same grave markers I had photographed on a visit two and a half years ago . . .




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  1. I try to do this, but it does not like my "account" or lack of one. I posted that these photos are lovely and quiet. A study of color and textures. Beautiful!