Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Covid Respite #3 - Broadway Truck Salvage

During the pandemic, getting out and about safely for photography has been a challenge; long trips are out, so short (partial day) trips to nearby outdoor locations are the only practical option.  

Last week, for my third "Covid respite" the destination was a junkyard in Albuquerque's South Valley area.  My friend Barry and I had visited this establishment three years ago, and had a great time.  (You can read about our earlier adventure here.)  So Barry and a couple of colleagues from our local camera club organized a visit open to all club members.  Fortunately, only 13 people showed up -- and I only saw 6 or 7 of them -- so it was easy to keep our "social distance."

The yard is full of visually interesting subjects:  wrecked and dismembered trucks and cars . . .

tires and wheels, 


lots of axles . . .

engines and stuff.

In addition, it was fun to shoot rust patterns and broken glass:

Barry even claimed he saw the Comet Neowise in the rust on a trunk lid:

(Hey, use your imagination!)

Photographically, however, because there were so many random items lying around, it was difficult to get images with clearly identifiable subjects.  So my strategy became shooting "tight" -- close-ups or wider shots with only a couple of objects in the frame -- and occasionally getting down on the ground.

Here are some examples:

If you would like to see these images in a larger format, please visit my photography website, Todos Juntos Photography, by clicking here.


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